Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flood The Five - Student Instructor

When I applied to be a student instructor at the recent FTF I thought, “I don’t know that much about speech and debate; how am I supposed to tell others about it?”  I was pretty nervous and unsure. When it came time to start leading the first lab, I just started spewing out information that I had heard at one point or another. This fountain of knowledge continued to bubble for the remainder of the conference. When the dust settled a few days later, I checked my email and found a message from a student who was in Track Two. He thanked me for teaching and then said something I was not expecting.
I wasn't really interested in ICC until this weekend. I had gone to a Communicators for Christ Conference years ago, when I was still in BPS, and that's the extent of my ICC exposure”  
This was a shock to me, because I have heard stories of people who attended a small conference, such as a Flood The Five, as “the kid who hated ICC”, and then 12 hours later were the biggest fans of it. But to actually be a witness to such a transformation left me feeling a bit proud thinking, “Look what I did! I helped that kid like public speaking, look at me and all my speech knowledge! ohhh” But right then I realized that it didn't have anything to do with what I had done, or even that I knew so much about speech. I give all credit to God. For centuries God has been using people for his purpose; Paul of the New Testament, and King David in the old Testament, were both used in influential ways by God to accomplish his plan. I realized that instead of me just knowing a bunch of things that I can repeat, God has given me that knowledge so that I can use it to do his will.

Now I want to ask you something. What are some roles God has placed your life in that you can use to affect others for Christ?
And how will you do that?

- Levi

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunrise Assisted Living Platform!

We had a fantastic platform last Tuesday, (the 29th), with some elderly folks from Sunrise Assisted Living Home! It was a very small platform; there were only a handful of speakers, and only a handful of people in the audience, but it was a HUGE blessing! The Lord really answered my prayers by keeping it all running (fairly) smoothly, and He really helped us connect with the senior citizens we spoke to. He even gave a couple of our students the opportunity to speak for some dementia and Alzheimer residents! At the the end of our presentations, each of the members of our audience received a small bouquet of red and/or white carnations. Altogether, it was a very enjoyable experience! A huge thanks to all the students who participated! Here are some pictures (I apologize for the quality):

At least for me, this was also a wonderful growing experience for being flexible and stretching comfort zones. The area we were given to present was in the middle of a hallway, with no extra room. From time to time people walked in front of the speaker in the middle of his/her speech. And there was a much smaller audience than any of us had expected. But everybody did a fantastic job rolling with the punches and dealing with the unexpected, and most of all, they all kept smiling! 
As we were driving home, my mom pointed out to me that I had prayed for minimal confusion, and that all the students would have a clear memory, and that despite my slips and slides in getting this started, everything would perfectly fall into place. And in a way, God supplied all of that. But it was not at all the way I'd imagined it. Things worked out very well, and we were blessed tremendously by the people we talked to, but  to get there, God said "I'm going to surprise you with a few things Talia; you need to trust Me at every step, and I'll get you through. Just trust Me." Looking back, I am blown away at how much God really was in control, and how He was guiding and caring for everyone involved the whole way through. He is totally in control. :) That was my golden nugget of truth that I learned this week.
Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the students who showed up to this, and to all of the parents involved as well! You are a blessing!


2011-2012 Anniversary

Celebrating fifteen years of transforming public speaking into a method of communicating the message of Christ! Happy 15th Anniversary ICC!